Our mission

 To help creatives and artistic people make a living from their talent.

If you are a musician, songwriter, fashion designer, photographer, jewellery maker, author, dancer , choreographer, artist, illustrator, performer or sell your creativity in any other form, we can help you.

Here’s how:

  • We develop unique plans taking you from part-time creative hobbyist to successful creative entrepreneur
  • Show you how to get the most out of the best online tools for your creative business
  • Provide business services so that you can focus on what you do best – CREATE

Your amazing talent is a gift that must be shared as widely as possible. Today’s low cost and highly accessible technology  means it is easier than ever before to build your fan base, distribute your creativity and build a solid legacy for yourself and your family.

With our background in global marketing combined with our passion for developing businesses and career paths for creatives, we know how you can leverage the resources available to help you succeed in our dynamic and fast-moving space.

We have proudly worked with many global brands such as Shell Motorsport, Coca-Cola, Ukash.com, Yahoo!, FILMCLUB, Garnier, Napster, Robert Miles, IBM and Jaguar as well as creative professionals in film, music, fashion, jewellery and photography over the years.

Take advantage from our experience, knowledge and passion to help you get to the next level in your creative business.

Want to find out more? Call me at +44207 0787286 or send me a message via the Let’s Connect page to arrange a chat to explore your opportunities.


Meet the Founder, Desiree Banugo

Since I first learned about how artists were poorly paid in the music industry, I wanted to be part of a solution. I formalised my knowledge, training and experience working with creative professionals in the music industry and transposed it creatives for all backgrounds.

Chinelo.com is my contribution to growing the creative entrepreneurship spirit.

I have always worked with creatives as a performer, as a marketer and as a consultant. It always concerned me that many sacrificed their passions and dreams because they couldn’t see how they could make a living from their talent. Now I’m dedicated to change those views and facilitating a different reality.

I’m on the Music Business Masters programme at world-famous BerkleeMusic.com. I’m also based in London, England but serve artists all over the world.